The MEDAL of CONSCIENCE was created by the Global Peace Truth Force [1983] to inspire Peace Activists to emulate the Courageous Act of Conscience of the recipients of the MEDAL of CONSCIENCE.

Let the Militarist have their Medal of Honor; Peace Activists now have their eqivalent and will recognize and honor their own MEDAL of CONSCIENCE  [a Hand Clasp in Peace medal carried on a Rainbow of Justice scarf].

The Global Peace Truth Force was created by a Disabled Veteran of World War I.

Col. Wm. J. McCluskey was a 4th generation career militarist. As a Marine Captain, he served with 3 Star General, and 2 time Medal of Honor winner, Smedley Butler. Col. McCluskey thought Gen. Butler was the most honorable Marine ever for his Courageous Act of Conscience in disavowing his long militarist career, his recognition that he was a "was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism" and his warning to the nation that "War is a Racket."

His son, Capt. o'Kelly McCluskey, also a Disabled Veteran, served as a World War II Navy Combat Air Crewman from 1944 to 1946. From 1951 to 1957, o'Kelly, a 5th generation militarist, served as a career Air Force Officer. Like Gen. Butler, o'Kelly finally woke up and quit his Air Force Career in 1957. In 1968 o'Kelly was endorsd by Sen. McCarthy as a Peace Candidate for Congress.

His Father joined o'Kelly's Campaign to stop the Vietnam War Crimes. Early in the 1980's, Father and Son joined to create the Ghandi-like Global Peace Truth Force. Like Gandhi's Salt March to the Sea, people just join in. Like the enlightment there is no "membership list," it is a movement.  Just being a part of it makes you a Global Peace Truth Force Activist.

But Like the Militarist Medal of Honor, Peace and Justice Activist need Heroes to emulate.

The Global Peace Truth Force created the MEDAL of CONSCIENCE to honor its Peace Heroes.

Rachel Corrie's name is # 1 on the Medal of Conscience Rolls. She was killed while non violently protecting the Human Rights of a Palestinian family.

The Roll includes the Helicopter pilot who stopped the 1968 American My Lai Massacre .
And Lt Watada for his refusal to order his men to commit crimes in Iraq like Lt Cally's criminal 1968 MyLai massacre.

Some ask,"BUT , what can I do? "

Benji LEWIS actions show us the WAY.

[ Name ] will present the Hand Clasp of Peace and justice, Medal of Conscience to BENJI.
I.m proud to stand here with you all.

1918 ~ 2018 ~~Perpetual JustPeace ~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>>



Capt o'Kelly McCluskey, PaxJD, W W ll DAV, VFP92

Director; US Peace Academy, Black Elk's Daybreak Star

Indian Cultural Ctr, Puget Sound , Seattle.
o'Kelly McCluskey W W I I, DAV, vfp92
Director VusPAs 425-672-7412
(VIRTUAL us Peace Academy at Seattle)
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The 1776 veterans proposed to the Congress a Peace Dept. to offset the War Dept.

1918 - 2018 Before the Centennial of the W W l Peace Armistice let's make their dream come true.